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The Last Mission

The Seventh Cavalry
Book Two

           In book one; the Seventh Cavalry fought several historic battles with Hannibal as he took his army and elephants over the Alps to attack the Romans.

         It is 215 BCE and now the Seventh has made contact with a Soyuz escape capsule from the International Space Station that has crashed on a mountain above Sarajevo. The two men and one woman crew are trapped on a glacier.

         Sergeant Alexander and his twelve soldiers, along with three thousand warriors and boat crews, sails from Rome aboard 14 captured Roman ships. Aboard one of the large ships is the elephant Obolus.

         They encounter a force of 25 Greek warships. The Greeks attack with arrows and Greek fire, then their Hoplite soldiers board the Seventh’s ships.

         Using a trebuchet built by one of Seventh’s soldiers for use in Hannibal’s land battles, he sinks four of the Greek ships, then when the Seventh’s soldiers superior arms and fighting ability defeat the attacking Hoplites, the Greek fleet surrenders.

         With 27 ships, the Seventh lands on the Dalmatian coast. But they must fight their way through two battles to reach the stranded astronauts. The elephant Obolus is instrumental in these victories.

         After the rescue, the Seventh Fleet sails from Dalmatian toward North Africa to take Obolus and his handler, Liada, home to Valdacia.

         On the Mediterranean Sea, they encounter a fierce storm that scatters the fleet. They land at Malta to repair and resupply, then sail on to Carthage, and then over the Atlas Mountains to Valdacia.

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