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These books are available on and all the other on-line bookstores. They are in both paperback and ebook formats.
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Hannibal’s Elephant Girl, a young adult novel.
In 218 BCE, Hannibal took his army along with 27 elephants over the Alps to attack the Romans. Eleven years before this historic event, on the banks of a river near Carthage in North Africa, one of his elephants pulled a drowning girl from the turbulent waters. Thus began Liada’s epic journey with the elephant known as Obolus.
cian cover 02-15-2020.jpg

Cian and Saxon’s meeting in the heart of the Amazon is more than an encounter of two people; it’s the coming together of two different worlds. Their explorations and adventures take them deep into the rain forest and then halfway around the globe in search of a peaceful place to settle down. But instead of finding peace, their shared sense of justice finds them traveling from Europe to New York and then back to Brazil where they must confront the evil network of the ambitious and heartless Oxana, who will stop at nothing to advance her trade in endangered animals as well as women and little girls.
oxana cover front 01-14-2021.jpg
Oxana's Pit


Oxana uses forced labor to operate an illegal amber mine in the Amazon. Her open-pit excavation is on land owned by Tosh Scarborough. When he discovers Oxana’s pit on a satellite photo, he goes to investigate and is captured by Oxana’s thugs. One of Tosh’s employees, Amber Bravant, organizes a search for him. Oxana is quick to punish and even murder her slave laborers, but what will happen if she gets her hands on Amber?

book cover new 10-08-2019.jpg
Raji: Book One, Octavia Pompeii


Vincent Fusilier finds Raji sleeping in his parents’ barn. He thinks she’s a vagrant and tells her she has to go. She doesn’t understand English and doesn’t know where she is. Over the next few months, these two teens struggle to understand each other’s language and culture.
raji 2 cover front 06-30-2020.jpg

Raji: Book Two, The Academy


Raji is accepted to the prestigious Octavia Pompeii Academy. She and Elizabeth Keesler are the only girls in the student body of one hundred cadets. They must endure the derision and taunts from ninety-eight boys who would like nothing better than to see the girls drop out of school. In addition to the contempt of the male students and the high academic standards set by the instructors, they must also conform to the strict disciplinary code enforced by the indomitable Elvira Gulch, Director of Development.  

raji 3 cover front 06-30-2020 3.jpg

Raji: Book Three, Dire Kawa


At the beginning of the Great Depression, schools and universities all over America were cutting back and even closing their campuses. Raji and Fuse, like so many other young people, were to be cut adrift. Having concentrated on nothing but academics for the past four years, they were not prepared for the brutal economic realities of a world sinking into misery and hopelessness.

raji book 4 06-23-2020.jpg

Raji: Book Four, The House of the West Wind


Fuse returns to Burma in 1941 to look for Kayin. He left Raji behind in Virginia to recuperate from her ordeal, but she promised to join him later in Mandalay. It has been eight years since Fuse and Raji left Burma on the ill-fated training mission to Ethiopia. Since then he has not heard anything from Kayin. She is probably married by now or at least in a relationship with someone, but he has to find out, just to be sure she’s all right. What he discovers at the old hotel is something completely unexpected. 

cover front21.jpg

Ariion XXIII, a young adult novel

Ariion Sanders, a disabled teenage girl, is inspired by a homeless man she meets in a New York City jail. The man, Cameron Littleheart St. Lawrence, has been arrested for bank robbery, but without convincing evidence, the judge is forced to release him. The bumbling bank robbers have their loot stolen from them and they think Cameron took it. After they kidnap Cameron, Ariion hatches a plan for his rescue, however, her scheme goes awry, and she finds herself in deep trouble.

seventh cavalry cover 01-14-2021.jpg

The Last Mission of the Seventh Cavalry

A unit of the Seventh Cavalry is on a mission over Afghanistan when their plane is hit by something. The soldiers bail out of the crippled plane, but when the thirteen men and women reach the ground they are not in Afghanistan. Not only are they four thousand miles from their original destination but it appears they have descended two thousand years into the past where primitive forces fight each other with swords and arrows. The platoon is thrown into a battle where they must choose sides quickly or die. They are swept along in a tide of events so powerful that their courage, ingenuity and weapons are tested to the limits of their durability and strength.

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